pills for memory enhancement when studying

What Is The Best Nootropic for Studying

Best Nootropic for Studying

Today, Nootropics have become the best type of cognitive enhancers available on the market. Not only do they help improve a person’s learning ability, but also concentration while studying.

What sets Nootropics apart from other aids is the fact that they give the same amount of focus and concentration impacts, and give positive effects on different areas of cognition and overall brain health.

A good example of this is ephedrine or caffeine. Although these two stimulants increase alertness during mental exertion, they do not have a lasting effect or make a contribution to a person’s overall health, memory, or learning like Nootropics do.

But, Nootropics though, provide both short and long-term benefits. For the short term, they provide a great boost in focusing while studying and the long-term effects include increasing the level of neurotransmitters and neuroplasticity.

Nootropics also have very little side effects that make these type of supplements very attractive for studying purposes.

So, how do we determine which nootropic is the best for studying?

Here, we will take a look at the differently available nootropics and discuss their individual benefits that you will receive from them to help with academic performance and more importantly, prepare for exams.

To obtain the best results, a variety of nootropics should be taken at the same time. This will allow you to have a wide range of positive effects instead of just one. By combining them you will see an increase in overall health and brain power.

We have listed a few nootropics that are considered to be the best for improving your study time which can be either combined or taken individually.

Studying Brain Power

Using Nootropics For Studying Purposes

For studying purposes, many students seem to be turning towards cholinergic types. Although these seem to give the best results, there have been some ideals about them that have become conflicting. Especially with which kind of combinations to utilize.

Besides these, dopaminergic amphetamines have also been a choice among students attending college. These type of drugs include Adderall, which is considered illegal without a doctor’s prescription. Besides Adderall, many others use modafinil.

Comparatively, modafinil is considered to be a safer alternative with very little side effects. The main purpose is to assist with a person’s focus. Although Modafinil is a better choice, it is also illegal if the person does not have a prescription.

This is why the best choice is to use cholinergic nootropics when combining them. A cholinergic does not work when combined with dopamine so the number of side effects is decreased. So when cholinergics are combined with quality sleep and a reduction in stress levels, a student’s overall studying and grade will improve.

Among the many cholinergics used for studying, the most effective types are those that have a High Affinity Choline Uptake. These include: pyritinol, coluracetam, and pramiracetam. These allow the addition or exclusion of nootropics.

If you add l-phenylalanine and l-tyrosine then your focus will be improved as your body will produce an increased amount of norepinephrine and dopamine. If these are unavailable then you can substitute them with caffeine or the energy enhancer known as ginseng. If you do opt to substitute the mix with caffeine, be aware that your stress hormones may become increased. Any increase in stress can have an adverse effect on racetam nootropics.

Studying Enhancement Pills

Below is a combination that can be used when prepping for exams

Pramiracetam or Coluracetam
Alpha GPC

Improving Overall Neuroplasticity

Have you ever found yourself unable to comprehend the material that you’re studying? If you see yourself in this situation then your best option will be to use a nootropic that will boost your neuroplasticity.

Having this difficulty can be very frustrating at times. Having this feeling of frustration is caused by a neurotransmitter deficit. These neurotransmitters are what connects and transmits all signals among the synapses.

For a person to be able to understand and thoroughly learn newly presented concepts and create related memories, the person’s brain needs to be allowed to form synapse connections in between the neurons. These new creations are referred to as synaptic plasticity.

With many nootropics providing an influence with neuroplasticity, Pramiracetam is considered to be among the best. This is due to the fact that Pramiracetam is related to both Aniracetam and Piracetam.

With Piracetam, specific receptors are triggered that release Acetylcholine.

When Acetylcholine is released it allows the brain to create more connections with the neurons. This makes the ability to learn a lot easier and new concepts can be better understood. Having increased levels of Acetylcholine has also been shown to increase the formation of memories and improving a person’s ability to focus longer.

To achieve the results you want it is recommended to take Pramiracetam once daily and to take a higher dose for the days that require an increased amount of study time.

If you are having problems with motivation and find yourself procrastinating, then the nootropic Adrafinil will work wonders for you. Adrafinil is an agent that will improve your alertness by helping the release of more serotonin and dopamine. With Adrafinil being a precursor of Modafinil, it is actually turned into Modafinil after passing through the liver.

Both Modafinil and Adrafinil have been shown to help increase hypocretin production to help provide an increased amount of energy and alertness.

Adding caffeine to Adrafinil is considered a good idea too because caffeine will help to inhibit the neurotransmitter adenosine’s release. Adenosine is what actually causes you to lose focus while studying.

pills for memory enhancement when studying

Nootropics for Memory When Studying

Forgetting information as you get ready for an exam can cause so much unwanted stress.

As previously mentioned in this article, there are several positive memory benefits to using Pramiracetam. But, if you are looking for a higher boost, then you might want to combine rarecetam with a Choline like Citicoline or Alpha GPC.

When you combine either Oxiracetam, Piracetam, Pramiracetam, or Aniracetam you are allowing the release of more Acetylcholine. Although this is a good thing, it can cause an increased demand for the body’s ability to create this effective neurotransmitter.

For your body to keep up with the increased demand for Acetylcholine, it is advised to use a choline supplement. With choline being the main ingredient for Acetylcholine, it is the perfect choice since close to 90% of people do not receive a sufficient amount of this important nutrient through their daily diet.

With an Alpha GPC nootropic, you are taking the very best source for a choline supplement. Alpha GPC is so highly regarded that many investigations have been started to add it as a possible Alsheimer’s treatment.

So remember, combining racetams and Choline to achieve better memory will also allow you to easily recall, learn, and most importantly, study.


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