Improve Your Memory

Best Nootropic Stack for Memory

If you are on the lookout for the best memory enhancer, then having the best nootropic stack for memory will be your best bet. Not only will a nootropic give your memory a boost but, you have many choices currently available to make the best stack.

Best Nootropic Stack for Memory

The one thing to keep in mind is that there are many nootropics designed especially for the improvement of your brain’s capability to both create and recall memories that have been stored.

There are also many reasons why a person would be interested in nootropics. Nevertheless, the main reason is its ability to enhance your memory. So, no matter what your occupation is or if you just want to maintain a clear mind, having a nootropic on hand will give you the benefits that you are looking for.

Because of the increased amount of news surrounding nootropics, it’s important to share exactly how nootropics work. To do that, you also must understand neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters consist of systems that involve the use of receptors. These systems involve a variety of functions that share particular qualities. One of these qualities involves their ability to bind to brain receptors via the synapses. When they bind, they allow the activation of the receptors that then allow certain functions to be completed.

As the neurotransmitter system performs its functions, the efficiency of the system is increased when you add nootropics to a healthy diet. This will create better cognitive function relating to memory.

Even though using just one nootropic can create many benefits to remembering certain concepts and details, adding several nootropics together will allow a significant amount of performance to be obtained.

If you are unaware of what all goes into a nootropic stack for memory, we have two listed below that are considered to be the best.

Improve Your Memory

Best Stack for Memory Potential

A nootropic mix known as a photographic memory stack helps your memories potential to be maximized. It’s considered to be a simple stack by comparison to other stacks that are used for the enhancement of the memory. And with particular components, they are considered very useful and work quite well for memory function.

When the nootropic supplements are combined in a regime, you will notice quite a few improvements in your overall memory in both the short and long-term as well as continuous improvements.

The nootropic supplements included in this memory stack include:

600 mg Pramiracetam
When taken twice a day, Pramiracetam is a nootropic that stems from racetam. It is well known for showing significant enhancement in both long-term memory and focus. It has been reported that a boost in memory occurs soon after taking this powerful nootropic.

500 mg Citicoline
Adding citicoline, together with pramiracetam is a combination like no other. Having a choline derivative, as we see in citicoline allows your body to produce acetylcholine. It goes without saying that having a citicoline nootropic in your stack is an important factor for memory and overall cognition.

250 mg Uridine
Uridine plays an important role in the production of dopamine receptors. It helps new dopamine receptors to adapt to its environment and ensures that a controlled amount of dopamine is maintained. Having this type of control creates increased concentration and prevents the brain from aging rapidly.

1000 mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom
The natural supplement known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom helps to increase the amount of Nerve Growth Factor. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom is especially useful during neurogenesis by assisting in the production of brain cells. This new production of brain cells opens up new ways for the individual to think. So, what it does is help regenerate the brain to allow for adaptability of a certain task. This nootropic is intended for long-term use, and the effects are not usually felt until after at least 3 months. During a six-month trial, it was discovered to have produced significant results and improvements were shown in all cognitive enhancement categories.

Fish Oil
With it being a well-known and highly accepted enhancer for cognition, fish oil has many benefits up its sleeve. The two lipids, DHA and EPA are the most important lipids found in fish oil and easily synergize with both uridine and citicoline. This synergizing helps produce many components that are essential for every membrane of a nerve cell.

500 mg Bacopa Monnieri
The herb Bacopa monnieri is widely used in Indian medicine and is said to improve the enhancement of memory. With confirmation from extensive research, the Bacopa monnieri supplement helps promote nerve ending growth. This allows brain communication to be improved tremendously.

4 mg Galantamine
The nootropic Galantamine is another effective supplement that increases the quality of dreams, memory vividness, acetylcholine, sleep as well as many other enhancements involving cognition. Pramiracetan and galantamine make a great when it comes to the increased vividness of memories.

When it comes to being a heavy hitter, pramiracetan takes the top spot in the stack, mainly because of its high potency of racetams that help enhance memory.

As far as long-term effects go, Bacopa and Lion’s Mane mushroom show improvement for long-lasting function in memory but must be supplemented for several months.

Individually, citicoline has a wide range of effects that increases a person’s overall memory health. But, for the purpose of this stack, citicoline’s job is to enhance and make pramiracetam more effective. Because of the brain communicating a lot better and acetylcholine increased, a choline supplement would be beneficial in case of any adverse side effects occurring from the neurotransmitters being pushed to their limit. To obtain all of the positive effects from pramiracetam, there must be a sufficient amount of neurotransmitters.

You can expect results to be immediate and its maximum potential will be reached after only a few weeks of daily intake.

image of the human brain

Long-term Memory Enhancement and Neurogenesis Stack

In the early years of neurology, it was thought that as soon as the nervous system became fully developed, there was only a certain amount of cells in the nervous system and that the number declined as the body got older. That all changed when a discovery was made that proved that our bodies can regenerate new nervous system cells in the body as well as the brain well into old age.

Then, Rita Levi-Montalcini; a Nobel Prize winner, stumbled upon a growth protein in 1979 and appropriately named it Nerve Growth Factor. This protein was found to play a detrimental role in the growth, maintenance, and survival of all nerve and brain cells.

With an increased NGF amount, we can easily maximize our network of neurons for the body. This will create an abundant amount of connections in the synapses that will become a lot stronger. This will result in improvements that will last for the long run for both memory and cognition.

With these improvements being very real, the ability to achieve benefits for a lifetime has become a reality.

Enhancement in cognition should be instant while using this NGF stack, however, to achieve the lasting and continual effects, your brain will need to get used to creating neural connections that are stronger.

300 mg Uridine
Once you combine uridine with the fish oil’s Omega 3’s, the cell membranes of the neuron will be better protected.

2 g Fish Oil
The fish oil synchronizes well with Uridine. It is known that fish oil has many functions when it comes to brain health.

15 mg Zinc
Zinc helps regulate the function of synapses and neurons.

300 mg Alpha GPC
Alpha GPC ensures that there is a sufficient amount of choline that can be converted into an acetylcholine neurotransmitter.

3 g Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Lion’s Mane Mushroom increases the production of NGF.

500 mg Ashitaba
Ashitaba also increases the production of NGF.

5 mg Pregnenolone
Pregnenolone increases the number of neurons through neurogenesis.

2 mg Melatonin
Melatonin helps to reduce the death of neurons.

ALCAR helps to reduce the death of brain cells.

500 mg L-Tyrosine
L-Tyrosine easily synchronizes with ALCAR.

200 mcg NGF (eye drops)
NGF eye drops are an effective form of NGF and is absorbed quite rapidly through the eye. Unfortunately, the drops can be difficult to locate and pretty expensive.

The long-term memory enhancement and neurogenesis stack is the most complete for the production of Nerve Growth Factor. It proves its ability to create abundant and stronger connections among the neurons.

The Bottom Line

It can be easy to take one nootropic for an individual purpose while you’re young, but, what about those times when you begin to get older, and your body starts to slow down? Is that when you start to combine the potent nootropics we have listed above or do you start now, so you have all of your bases covered? The choice is simple, and the positive effects and improvements you experience will be carried with you throughout the duration of your regimen.


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