What are Nootropics?

Humans are living longer than ever before, and while this is a wonderful thing, there still are some major health concerns that people face as they get older. As people age the body almost always shows signs of aging. This often shows in a slowed response for many in both physical and mental capabilities.

While most people expect that they will have some problems as they age, more and more people know today that if they take care of their bodies, their bodies and minds will age more gracefully. That is why more and more people today are learning how they can better care of themselves. Science has certainly proven that through conscious efforts an individual may live a longer and healthier life.

While being conscientious and working on bodily health is a major concern as people age, mind health and function is also of significant concern. In generations past, it was not unusual for people to become more forgetful as they age, today’s diseases today that effect mental abilities while aging can seem to be more prevalent and difficult. With the rise in lifespan, mental capacity diseases, as well as mental cognoscente disorders, have been on the rise.

Brain Functioning Disorders

Today, two of the top treatment concerns for the aging are well known and are diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Increasingly, these two mental cognoscente disorders have become major health concerns for the aging. In fact, across the world, they now have many facilities that specifically cater to people who are suffering from these two disorders.

In the last few decades with the increase in life expectancy, there has also been a stronger prevalence of cognoscente mental functioning impairments. Also, more and more young people have been diagnosed with brain functioning disorders such as ADHD which affects a person’s processing of thoughts. Up until the last 50 years, ADHD was a little-known disease.

The good news for almost all areas of modern medicine today is that there are new advances that have been made that have improved the live spans and quality of life for many people. Many new health discoveries occur every day all over the world which have significantly advanced mind and body health for millions of individuals. In addition to modern medicinal advances, there have also been a series of breakthroughs in the natural and homeopathic world of medicine that have proven to be very helpful in treating mind and body health.

So then, What are Nootropics?

In the area of brain and mind function health, one of the natural medicinal advances has been through a group of drugs and supplements known as Nootropics. These are natural supplements which have through studies proven to improve cognitive ability in varying degrees. The focus of these drugs and supplements is to increase cognitive functions, memory, creativity, alertness, and motivation.

The term Nootropics is of Greek Origin meaning to turn the mind. It was first coined by a Romanian psychologist and chemist named Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972. One of the primary uses for the prescription drug aspect of Nootropics for drugs such as dimethylamylamine and methylphenidate is to help improve brain function impairments such as ADHD.

While ADHD type impairments are what these two particular Nootropics were designed, created and made for, there are some people who have been known to take the drugs for other reasons. Most often these people have taken these prescription drugs to attempt to enhance brain functioning abilities during high mental stress times. One group of people that have been noted to misuse these two drugs are students during their finals in college. Students during exams or at highly prestigious colleges will often get these prescriptions without having been diagnosed with any brain function impairments to enhance mental capacity during learning and testing.

The misuse of any prescription drug is not recommended as they can have side effects and many of them have proven to be addictive. The good news is there are a whole series of natural supplements that are also known as Nootropics that do not carry any of the primary side effects of the prescription form of Nootropics. This group of natural supplemental Nootropics can be obtained without a prescription.

Since their creation, Nootropics mental improvement supplements have become increasingly popular with people all over the world. Because of the increasing awareness of mental impairments that have arisen more predominantly in the last few decades, the demand for these supplements has been growing at a rapid rate. In fact, today the sale of Nootropics brain function and cognoscente mind supplements is a one billion dollar a year industry.

Nootropics As Natural Supplements

There prescription forms of Nootropics with varying side effects are typically known as Eugeroics, Methylphenidate—which is a substituted phenethylamine and Amphetamines. While these drugs can prove helpful for certain cases, they are not recommended for people that do not have brain functioning impairments. Also, both non-prescription Nicotine and Racetams which are not prescription drugs are two mind capacity enhancers that are not widely recommended due to their side effects.

On a good note, there are four safer widely known and used over the counter supplements that fit in the category of Nootropics. These are a variety of non-prescription supplements that do not carry significant side effects and have been shown to have positive brain enhancing capacities. These Nootropics supplements include Gingko Biloba, Bacopa monnieri, Ginseng and Xanthines which includes most notably caffeine.

These four supplements have been found in a number of supplements either by themselves or together. Certainly, caffeine has been widely known and used as a mental stimulant for hundreds of years throughout Western societies. However, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng have been extensively used as mental stimulants in Eastern cultures for centuries.

It should be noted that addition to these primary brain functioning supplements, some brain functioning is impaired due to vitamin deficiencies. People in developing countries are often more inclined to suffer from such health problems from poor diets. But many people who have poor diets in developed nations can find their diets to affect their mental capacity as well.

If brain function is dulled due to a vitamin deficiency, it certainly can be addressed through proper supplements that will eradicate the vitamin deficiencies. Having a blood test done to see what vitamins, minerals or nutrients are deficient is the best way to address this issue. People who are iron deficient or magnesium deficient can have difficulties with brain capacity and functioning.

Over the last decade, there have been a series of other up and coming brain supplements discovered that could be so readily found even at the grocer. This notable possible herb to help with brain functioning is Salvia officinalis, otherwise known as Sage. While more studies need to be done on this, early results are promising.

While these five are known as the primary supplements proven to work for brain enhancement, there are others that have shown some signs of offering increased brain function when used in combination with other supplements. Because supplements are not as widely recognized as prescription medicine, studies are not often done at the same rate and with as much scrutiny as a prescription medicine. However, studies are always ongoing for supplements so people who are interested in learning more should stay informed of any new advancements.

Words of Caution When Taking Any Suppliment

As with any medicine or supplement, it is important to learn as much about them as possible before taking them. When considering taking any medication or supplement whether it is prescribed or over the counter, knowing their possible side effects before taking them is crucial to their effectiveness and safety. Additionally, learning and understanding the best recommended daily amount for any supplement is important to ensure less possible side effects occur.

Many people who desire to take supplements for brain functioning enhancement have other health issues and therefore are often on other prescription medicines for other health concerns. Because of this, it is always important to make sure that all possible Nootropic supplements are examined for possible drug interaction. Overlooking drug interaction possibilities can lead to possible adverse side effects or the possibility that the primary prescription will not be effective anymore.

Interaction Information Verification

The best way to verify if there is a potential problem with a prescription drug interaction is to contact a pharmacist. They are usually ready to help and willing to take the time to answer questions. While not all supplements are known to pharmacists, they are privy to information about interactions that other resources are not.

Another great resource for drug interactions can be found online. However, it is recommended that only reputable websites be used for to gather such information. There are a host of widely accepted medical websites that can be helpful in giving information about drug interactions.

Two of the primary sites that can be very helpful for drug interaction information and supplement information is LiveStrong and WebMD. Both of these medical and nutritional sites have been established for many years. They are both widely recognized as having reputable information.